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New Pivot Table doesn't work
16/03/09 11:45

Stefano Cozzi

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Hi Forum!
Genexus XEV1 Beta 2 - JAVA - MySQL - Tomcat 5.0.28

I created a new Query Object to test the new Pivot Table capabilities:
the Preview works fine at design time but if I associate it to a QueryViewer control (placed
in a normal WebPanel) the Pivot Table isn't displayed at execution time!

What's wrong?? Please help me....

Stefano Cozzi

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Gustavo Martine56355

16/03/09 12:27
Ciao Stefano. Do you see any error message displayed instead the pivottable control? It should say something. Regards. Gustavo Martínez. Artech.

Stefano Cozzi

16/03/09 15:02
Hi Gustavo! I see absolutely nothing.... My QueryViewer control is placed into a table cell: I can see all the contents of the other cells, but the cell of the QueryViewer remains empty..... Regards Stefano Cozzi N.I.T.A. ----- -----

Pablo Musso

16/03/09 15:14
Hi Stefano Can you send me the followings files : GXplroerQueries.xml and GXplorerConnectionInfoDefault.xml. They are located in \webapps\\static\ Regards Pablo Musso Artech

Stefano Cozzi

17/03/09 03:40
Hi Pablo! Here they are.... A little note: they are located in C:\Tomcat 5.0\webapps\testx3ev1\images (note the space between 'Tomcat' and '5.0': could be this the problem??) Best regards Stefano Cozzi N.I.T.A. ----- -----

Pablo Musso

17/03/09 09:49
Hi Stefano The space between 'Tomcat' and '5.0': will not be a problem Try to execute this /servlet/gxplorerservices.GetDataForPivotTableService?par=1 For example: http://localhost:8080/CarDealerJavaNuevo/servlet/gxplorerservices.GetDataForPivotTableService?par=1 where http://localhost:8080/CarDealerJavaNuevo/ = base app url You should see un xml with data or with the error Other thing Although the querypreview is ok if you test the connection from Genexus DataStore is Ok? (Preferences è DataSotres è right button è edit Connection è Test Connection) Regards Pablo Musso Artech

Stefano Cozzi

18/03/09 05:27
Hi Pablo! The problem was that in my KB the Static content base URL preference was '/images'. I changed it to '/static' and all works fine! Dunno if it's a bug or not..... Anyway, thank you for your help! Stefano Cozzi N.I.T.A. ----- -----

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