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jqGrid under Ev3
11/12/14 12:28

Jannie Louw

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My jqGrid does not display using .net Web under Ev3. It did work with Ev2.
Has anybody used it under Ev3 and if so does it display the jqgrid



11/12/14 12:38
Jannie, are you refering to the grid of the GXUI Library ?,en ? It has been updated 2 weeks ago with a version for Evolution 3. Regards, Armin On Thu, Dec 11, 2014 at 11:20 AM, Jannie Louw

Jannie Louw

11/12/14 13:24
No I am referring to the jqGrid UC. I need to define the columns of the grid dynamically during run time and the jqGrid seems to be the only UC grid that allows it Regards Jannie Louw

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