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Great news: Official support of the GeneXus tag in StackOverflow
21/07/14 14:34


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Hello everyone,
I want to announce that Artech has released an important piece of news:
They will now offer official support for the "GeneXus" tag, in
StackOverflow <>.
This is in addition to existing support channels, such as GXTechnical
<,4,74,O,E,0> and
numerous Artech-hosted forums
*What does this mean?*
You can, now, post questions to StackOverflow
<>, with the "GeneXus" tag, and receive
answers from each other and also directly from the creators of GeneXus.
Check out some of the StackOverflow questions and answers, already labeled,
"GeneXus." <>
You can read about the news here
The more questions we ask and answer, the more we grow our presence in
StackOverflow and the easier it becomes to find GeneXus answers with a
simple Google search.
Let's help make this community grow and get better.
Franklin Buitron

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