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Creating files in local Dropbox directory
27/02/14 12:04

Jannie Louw

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Is there a way to create files under Evolution 2 u4 web version on the users
local computer Dropbox.
The files can be created on a specified server folder but I would like to
create it on the users local Dropbox directory, as well as another server's
directory (target directory), assuming the server where the application is
running is mapped to the target server.

Gabriel Medina

27/02/14 12:53
Jannie, I think that´s possible, but a little complicated. On the first Machine everything will be ok, in the next computer, must be Open, and they must share the MS-SQL Server. I never test that, however the Gx KB Name.mdf file is opened in exclusive mode. You can test that why not? Test with a little KB. Regards, gab Sent with MailTrack -- Saludos, gab @gxsoft On Thu, Feb 27, 2014 at 10:02 AM, Jannie Louw

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