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Evolution 3 u7 does not use the ExcelDocument.template
07/04/16 09:59

Jannie Louw

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Hi there When I generate an Excel document using the data type ExcelDocument using the ExcelDocument.Template functionality, the template is not used, although it opens with ExcelDocument.ErrCode = 0. The identical code works for Evolution 2 with the same data base, e.g. the template is used The spreadsheet is produced for Ev 2 and Ev 3 but with Ev 3 the standard column sizes are used instead of the template sizes, whereas Ev 2 uses the template sizes Any suggestions Regards Jannie Louw

Jannie Louw

08/04/16 01:05
Hi Jack Templates definitely still worked with Ev 2, but does not appear to work with Ev 3. How did you get round the problem of the templates not being available, specifically specifying the width of the excel cell Regards

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