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Moved a file to a different library
11/07/14 14:18


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We needed to move a file from one library into another one. I need to update one of my GX applications. I've changed library in the data view and did a rebuild all. I do NOT want to upload all of the files from my KB to our web server. I would like to just copy in the files that are needed with the change to the library. (I work from hom and it will take about an hour to upload everything IF the upload finishes.) Can someone tell me which files to move, please? Hope this made sense. Thanks, Tammy


11/07/14 16:55
Try to use Robocopy function, you can execute at CMD or create a BAT file. Robocopy C:\Models\ModelX \\server\application /E /XF *.CS *.RSP On Fri, Jul 11, 2014 at 11:07 AM, Tammy Scott

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